Nicolas Flory

Nicolas Flory

Studio manager

Nicolas Flory is an author, director, and producer, artistic director and production manager at Foliascope. He has been teaching moving images at ESAD Grenoble Valence since 2007.

After graduating from the Beaux-Arts, he joined several agencies as a graphic designer before joining Damien Briatte and Utku Kaplan to found Tanukis, a cross-media creation studio from 2004 to 2013.

He then joined Pascal Le Nôtre at Foliascope, where he supervised the animated series Polo and the feature film Wardi. In 2018, following Pascal Le Nôtre departure, he took over the company with Ilan Urroz.

Designer and director of the CD Green Lines on the relationship between sounds and images, he received the first prize of the multimedia meetings in Annecy. The short film Pinpin le Lapin, of which he’s co-author, received the Audience Award at the Annecy Festival 2003. He is co-author of the concepts for the animated series Bunny Maloney, Bubble Gubs and Mega champions. Touching on everything, he explores the relationships between animated film, video games and interactive design.

As supervisor, production manager and assistant director. He participates in various audiovisual productions such as Interdit aux chiens et aux italiens, Wardi, Polo, Le Vagabond de St Marcel, Michel, Juliette génération 7.0.