Ilan Urroz

Ilan Urroz

Executive Producer

Ilan URROZ, started his studies in biology and chemistry. After a bachelor’s degree in vegetal biology and wine, he decided with the digital revolution to learn information, computer languages and infotainment.

From Design agency to urban transportation engineering, government agencies in measurement or RFID, he decided in 2009 to develop his passion for animation as Director of La Cartoucherie.

Built by the city council of Valence (Drôme in France), La Cartoucherie is a center dedicated to animation studios. For 6 years Ilan developed the business of all the studios, bringing them on markets, making networking and innovative projects for €6M and over, and also built the extension of the center for €3M.

In 2015 he moved to Marseille (south of France) to manage the content cluster of all the south region from Avignon, Aix, Marseille to Cannes and Nice. With more than 150 members in content industries: animation documentary, live action and TV broadcast. He developed networking, international partnerships and markets like Cannes, MIFA, Sunny Side and South by Southwest with the first French delegation in this US content forum.

In 2018, with his experience in partnerships, market and management he bought with Nicolas FLORY, associate producer, the company founded by Pascal LE NÔTRE known as cofounder of Folimage.


The Tower, feature film in stop motion 75mn, Les Contes Modernes, Tenk TV, Cinenic, 2016. Executive production

Not allowed to dogs or Italians, feature film in stop motion shooting 2020. Co-producer

Le petit Nicolas, 2D feature film in pre-production. Executive production

France Foundation for Hospitals, Ads for TV broadcasters

Owen and the wolves’s forest, feature film in stop motion in development. Producer

Prendiluna, 2D feature film in development. Co-producer

Ismael’s Journey, 2D TV series in production. Co-producer

Some of us, 2D hybrid TV series in production. Co-producer

Struggles, 2D/hybrid TV series in pre-production. Producer

Maggie Maggou, Stop-motion TV series in development. Producer