The Inventor Award

The Inventor Film is launching a world-wide search for Young Inventors that will become part of a new epic stop-motion adventure film about Leonardo Da Vinci.

As part of the film production, we’re launching an exciting new competition for children! We are challenging young inventors to stretch their imagination, embrace their curiosity and discover what they can invent from a cardboard box and recycled materials at home.

Prizes for the competition will include some of the best children’s kits, toys and gadgets available today. The ultimate selection of tools for any young inventor and the tools we imagine a 21st century Leonardo Da Vinci would love to use. But most excitingly, the winner may very well find themselves as an animated 3D puppet interacting with Leonardo Da Vinci in the film.

We are making The Inventor for children and the child in many adults. It has action, adventure, beauty and humor. We hope it will spark curiosity in children and inspire them to become the Leonardo’s of the 21st century. Are you ready to become an Inventor?

How to Enter
  • The competition will open on July 16th 
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Children don’t need any special equipment to enter the competition and it’s open to children and families across the globe. Using everyday materials that can be found at home, the challenge is to stretch your imagination and discover what you can invent from a cardboard box. A new game? A robot arm? A curious contraption inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci?


Launching with the competition on July 16th children and families can draw inspiration from a series of cardboard making workshops, videos and materials that will be available from Cardboard Wizard Lottie Smith as part of The Festival of Curiosity 2020

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