Animation Masterclass #1

Join Academy Award® nominated writer & Pixar story veteran Jim Capobianco for a series of live masterclasses in animation with The Inventor team. 

The different talented guests will explore various topics of animation from writing, to production, drawing, storyboarding, editing and sound design.

Animation Masterclass #1

Online Event I March 31st
12pm PDT / 8pm GMT+1 / 9pm CEST

Jim Capobianco & Kat Alioshin


Kicking off the very first animation masterclass for THE INVENTOR will be our line producer Kat Alioshin in conversation with our director Jim Capobianco. Together Kat and Jim will be analyzing, or rather dissecting, their love for stop-motion animation.

From its early influence on them and their careers to Kat’s experience working on some of the biggest stop motion films ever made (Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline…). They will also talk about why stop motion animation is being used for The Inventor. How we are using it in a somewhat unique way, the challenges, and how we are combining 2D animation and stop-motion, two of the oldest animation crafts known, which seems fitting to bring Leonardo da Vinci to life.